Economic Growth or Climate Protection?

The history of climate change is omnipresent. But rarely we hear the whole story. And even less often we hear it in a generally understandable gist.

Humanity must finally react appropriately, otherwise its end has already been heralded. But still - by most parties represented in the western parliaments - another size is prioritized: economic growth.

The fact that growth and climate protection are not compatible is proven in this book. But there are alternatives. If we succeed in shedding our fear of change, this crisis could create one of the greatest opportunities for human civilization ...

There is no commercial interest behind this book. Therefore, it is made available as a PDF free of charge for download and may be passed on according to the CC license (in the book).

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* In comparison to the German edition, I raised the print version's price from 4 € to 5 €. The German version obviously was too cheap for the liking of amazon, so they do not distribute it, but claim, that the printed version was not available. Some feature of neoliberalism, isn't it? If it brings no profit, it's no good ... I am really sorry ...